Clinic Services & Fees

Here is a list of our most popular packages, however, we can be very flexible so if you don’t see a package that feels right for you please get in touch and we can work something out together!

A single appointment suitable for clients who are receiving NHS care. Does not include 24-hour support.

Assessment of maternal and fetal wellbeing
Opportunity to discuss concerns, options for birth and communication strategies with NHS providers.
Referral to NHS maternity care provider if concerns are identified

A single appointment suitable for clients who are receiving NHS care or who have been discharged by NHS midwives but require additional support. Does not include 24-hour support.

Comprehensive assessment of the physical and emotional wellbeing of client.
Full assessment of baby including weight and feeding assessment.
Liaison with Community Midwife, Health Visitor, GP or Paediatrician if indicated.

Includes access to a midwife by phone, text or email between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday and 24 hours a day 7 days per week for urgent concerns.

From 12 weeks of pregnancy (approximately 12 appointments) £1600*
From 20 weeks of pregnancy (approximately 10 appointments) £1350*
From 28 weeks of pregnancy (approximately 8 appointments) £1100*

*Payment can be made in 3 instalments with the final payment at 36 weeks of pregnancy.

May be available by advance arrangement depending on location and midwife availability.
Contact us to discuss.

An appointment to provide you with a plan!

Whether you are planning a pregnancy and want to discuss how to optimise your chances of conceiving or if it’s taking longer than you hoped and want help to work out why. Anne loves to help you work out a plan.

Includes assessment of baby’s position and wellbeing, discussion of options, clear instructions for use and moxa stick to use at home.

Includes examination of maternity records, full antenatal examination (blood pressure, urine test, assessment of fetal wellbeing) and issue of a Fit to Fly letter.

An opportunity to discuss a previous birth experience including reviewing previous maternity records if required.

A gentle process to relieve difficult emotions following a previous pregnancy, labour, birth or postnatal experience.

A logical, profound way of preparing for your labour, birth and early parenting journey. This is a full antenatal preparation course for you and your partner.
Group sessions of up to 3 couples £245
Individual sessions £425

An hour of our wisdom to help you identify what’s right for you on your pregnancy journey. You will leave with a plan and signposting to key people or organisations who can help.
Please note, this does not include a clinical assessment.

Non-directive coaching, working with you to confidently create your future as a parent whilst making sense of the past and living calmly in the present.

1 session £125
3 sessions £360
6 sessions £650

A 90-minute therapeutic coaching session where you can share your fertility journey with a skilled listener, learn a simple and powerful technique to ensure you always have a way to feel emotionally in control.

  • Labour phases and coping strategies
  • The role of the birth partner
  • Introduction to hypnobirthing
  • Breastfeeding essentials
  • How do I know what’s right for me?


“My birth plan was followed in every way and I laboured for a long time in the pool without pain relief, something I could never have done without Amanda’s support and belief in me”.

“The calming reassurance and advice from Amanda all the way through made the whole experience so much more relaxed.”

“For the next six weeks Amanda was there helping every day at first, then less often after we were getting on track with everything, but whenever I needed help or had any questions she was only a phone call or a text away. I found this aftercare extraordinary! cannot thank Amanda our midwife enough! Xxx”

“From the minute I spoke to Amanda at seven weeks pregnant I knew we were on the same page and both wanted the same thing, a successful happy home birth. Not only was she supportive of my ideas but took time to come to see my consultants and try to rationalize with them regarding my plan of action”.

“To have someone believe in you make’s all the difference to a birth experience, five weeks on and we can remember everything like yesterday and we hope we will forever”.