Convenient Continuity… Why Choose an Independent Midwife?

Convenient Continuity… Why Choose an Independent Midwife

Doctors surgeries, inconvenient times, rushing from work, waiting for an appointment that never seems to come, then feeling rushed, not listened to and sometimes like your just another number in a sea of other women?

These things simply DON’T HAPPEN in the world of Independent Midwifery!! It’s one of the many many reasons I chose care with Amanda.

From my very first contact with Amanda I felt listened to, understood and important. There was never a rush, agenda or urgency over our time together. Our ‘appointments’, if you can call a coffee and a chat with someone who is now more like family than our Midwife, were convenient, attentive and felt like ‘me time’.

Amanda worked her diary around my busy shift patterns, and if we needed to rearrange it was never a problem. We met in our own home, and it always felt like they were on our terms with no agenda or time constraints.

We grew to know each other over our 9 month journey and built a relationship of trust and understanding that allowed me to feel safe with the choices I was making and that I would also know who would be holding my hand as I welcomed our miracle earthside, another huge benefit of our care package.

Midwifery care is about being with women, advocacy, supporting choices and empowering through education. Independent Midwifery provides this and so much more; It provides relationship, trust, power, comfort, bravery, meeting you at your point of need.

So if your considering it, have questions, want to meet and discuss more than get in contact with Amanda and ask the questions.

Bailey Warner