Hypnobirthing refresher for a hypnobirthing teacher!

amanda and abby at hypnobirthing refresher course by my calm birth

Hypnobirthing refresher for a hypnobirthing teacher!

Just recently I was asked to do a hypnobirthing refresher session for a hypnobirthing teacher and her partner. Now, why on earth would she want to do that you may ask! After all, this particular teacher has lots of experience and teaches hypnobirthing courses every week herself. Not only that, but it’s her fourth baby and she has successfully ‘hypnobirthed’ her babies in the past. So, why would she want to spend her time and money on a refresher course?

Here are a few things that I would like to think were worth the couple’s investment in time and money –

Making the commitment to doing a refresher course meant that there was dedicated time to concentrate on baby number four. It could be so easy to just think that this is not important, I’ve done it all before, I know everything there is to know about hypnobirthing etc etc. But, taking time to prepare for a baby whether its your first or fourth is so important. Every pregnancy, labour, birth and baby are equally special no matter how many times you’ve done it before.

Birth partners need refreshers too. It’s an important role supporting a woman through her labour and birth. A little recap will reap benefits on the birthing day/night and ensure that everyone remains calm and relaxed throughout. It’s also really helpful for the birth partner to remember all the lovely relaxation techniques that should be practised on a daily basis. How great to be reminded that you need to go and listen to your MP3’s and have a bit of ‘me time’!

Taking time out to discuss what’s important, any worries, any special plans, means that the upcoming birth experience can be the best it possibly can. You are working as a team leaving nothing to chance. A good birth preference (or birth plan) can then be written and shared with your care providers.

The session can act as a springboard to remind you of your daily practice and give a little ‘push’ in the right direction.

You can read about the session on Abby’s website.