Support, encouragement and reassurance

Support, encouragement and reassurance

Amanda was an amazing midwife, and without doubt contributed to my confidence in the pregnancy and birth experience. Her experience really shone through, and I was always confident that I was in safe hands. Amanda provided excellent support in both pregnancy and during the birth. In pregnancy, one of the things I remember most was her taking the time to talk about any issues or concerns around the pregnancy, whether about the physical, emotional or developmental aspects.

For instance, when thinking about decisions around taking maternity leave, Amanda discussed the importance of the period of pregnancy in the development of babies’ developing neural pathways, something I hadn’t considered previously. Amanda’s insights and knowledge seemed to extend far beyond NHS experiences, as was apparent when I shared information with other mums-to-be at antenatal groups. Amanda always provided really valuable information enabling myself and my partner to make informed decisions. I also felt that I could ask Amanda about anything, no matter how small – she was just a text or phone call away.

When my waters broke three weeks early, Amanda was very calm and supported my decision not to be induced, instead monitoring myself and baby. When I went into labour, Amanda was amazing – she provided the right amount of support, providing encouragement and reassurance, and I was totally confident in her approach – hands off to give privacy until necessary intervention was needed, and then open discussion and decision making. Unfortunately, after around 12 hours of labour, baby’s heart rate, my heart rate and temperature started to rise, and after examination, we made the decision to transfer to hospital where a C section was necessary. I feel totally confident that we went at the right time. Amanda accompanied myself and partner in the ambulance, which was incredibly reassuring, and then care was handed over professionally to the NHS. I know that the decision to transfer was the right one at the right time, and that we had done all we could at home. While the birth journey didn’t go as planned, throughout the whole time I knew that myself and baby were in safe hands with Amanda.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Amanda. If anyone would like to hear more or talk to myself or my partner, just email and we can arrange a time to chat,”

Karina & baby Charlie