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Midwifery Services

One of the main reasons a woman may opt for an independent midwife to care for her throughout her pregnancy is continuity. Research has shown that if a woman has continuity of care throughout her pregnancy she is more likely to have a natural birth. Research also indicates that if a mother-to-be is attended by a midwife she knows and trusts, her labour has a much better chance of going to plan.

Hypnobirthing Services

Hypnobirthing is logical, gentle and profound. It will empower you to nurture yourself during pregnancy, to relax, and to trust your body and your baby. The programmes will teach you and your birth partner simple but specific deep relaxation, massage, and breathing techniques for a better birth. You’ll find no mumbo jumbo, sitting cross-legged and hippie chanting here! Instead, you will learn scientifically-proven relaxation techniques, coupled with expert information.