Hypnobirthing Services

Let’s start by dispelling the myth that hypnobirthing is all about hypnosis.

Hypnobirthing is logical, gentle and profound. It will empower you to nurture yourself during pregnancy, to relax, and to trust your body and your baby. The programmes will teach you and your birth partner simple but specific deep relaxation, massage, and breathing techniques for a better birth. You’ll find no mumbo jumbo, sitting cross-legged and hippie chanting here! Instead, you will learn scientifically-proven relaxation techniques, coupled with expert information.

What are the benefits of Hypnobirthing?

Whereas some more traditional antenatal courses prepare you for birth by providing you with information, what I see lacking time and time again are the techniques to support a calm birth. It’s a bit like a recipe which gives you the ingredients but misses out the method!

The combination of deep relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, and visualization combined with positive thoughts and language will reduce your fear, stress, and anxiety resulting in a much calmer, comfortable birth.

You and your birth partner will learn how to put yourselves back in control of your birth. You will be equipped with the tools to navigate the twists and turns of your labour and birth in a way that leaves you feeling calm, confident and relaxed.

Hypnobirthing doesn’t promise you a ‘perfect birth’, but it will give you the ‘best birth on the day’ for you and your baby, and you will be leaving my workshops or birthing programme with the ability to create a positive birth experience

Choosing hypnobirthing courses

So first things first. If you have landed on my website looking for an old style run of the mill hypnobirthing course, one that promises a ‘perfect birth’ if you do as I say, then this is the wrong place for you!

I want your pregnancy journey to be as amazing as it possibly can be, whilst acknowledging that life can throw us curve balls sometimes, so I want you to know how to handle those too.

Why my courses are different

  1. You will benefit from my 35 years’ experience as a midwife
  2. I have a teaching diploma in hypnobirthing
  3. I work privately or in small groups (3 couples)
  4. Classes share anecdotal real-life stories from parents who have achieved the right birth on the day
  5. I look at your journey holistically and offer information based on your personal circumstances
  6. You get on-going support from me up until your baby’s birth.

Helping you to Make the Right Choice

Taking on board a lot of new information can feel overwhelming for any couple, especially during this busy time in your lives. Let me assure you that preparing for your calm birth can fit in around your pregnancy and other commitments:

  • Convenient dates and times

    Contact me to arrange the best time to start your course based on your pregnancy.

  • Location choices

    You may choose to learn any of the workshops or birthing programme in your own home or at a location in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.

    All courses are also available via Zoom

  • Based on an accredited course

    The Wise Hippo courses are accredited by the RCM and Fedant, which means that you can be sure you are learning proven and effective techniques that have already been trusted by thousands of others.

What is The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme?

Although I’m trained in several different hypnobirthing methods, I’ve chosen to follow The Wise Hippo approach. That’s because The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme is easy to learn, very effective and I’ve had excellent feedback from my clients, so I know I am recommending the very best programme to you!

Hello Amanda, Just a note to say once again just how brilliant we found hypnobirthing – thank you very much for your (large) part in our calm and relaxed, positive birth experience!

“Dear Amanda,

Thank you for all of your help and for teaching me and Toby how to use your relaxation techniques. Thank you for being so kind and understanding”

“Amanda’s Hypnobirthing course was quite honestly outstanding. Knowing absolutely nothing about birth, we also took part in NHS classes and the NCT Signature course. Out of the three, hypnobirthing was easily the most useful and comprehensive preparation we did”

“Dear Amanda,

Thank you so much for enlightening us with the hypnobirthing techniques. Whilst labour wasn’t easy, it was definitely more manageable with the techniques we practised and it was amazing as birthing partner to be able to do something to help – such a special time for us a couple.”

“I was scared of childbirth until I practised hypnobirthing. Amanda helped me feel positive about it. I can genuinely say, I enjoyed the labour and found it a spiritual and calm experience. I couldn’t have done it without Amanda.”

“Amanda is a fantastic teacher. She made us feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Most importantly, she gave us the tools and the confidence to bring our beautiful daughter into the world in the most calm natural way possible “

“I would recommend it to all mums, dads and babies. It kept me positive all the way through. This programme is amazing and all women need to know about it!”

“Hypnobirthing was recommended to us by a friend and we were lucky enough to come across Amanda. Her lessons, in our own home, were relaxing, enjoyable and extremely beneficial.

Amanda herself was incredibly laid back, easy to chat to and very supportive. (She also was great with our dog!) We used Hypnobirthing successfully in my labour, and we felt like a great team and my partner felt useful! We would really recommend Hypnobirthing and especially Amanda.”

“We loved our hypnobirthing course with Amanda! The recurrent phrase ‘so calm and relaxed’ really summed it up for us, and we had a very positive birth experience despite a few hurdles that without the hypnobirthing behind us would, I am sure, have led to anxiety and stress. Amanda’s clinical expertise was also a fantastic addition to the sessions, as it allowed us the opportunity to access expert answers to all our questions one-to-one. The course has benefited us beyond birth itself, keeping both of us, as well as our baby, so calm and relaxed…….!”

“It’s hard not to gush about Amanda when writing a review but she literally turned my birth around. I wanted to give hypnobirthing a go but wasn’t sure what it all really meant and it wasn’t until I had met Amanda that it clicked and made sense. Her wealth of experience in midwifery, calm nature and belief in hypnobirthing was just what I needed. I never think of my birth as a bad experience. The breathing helped me feel in control, gave me something to focus on and I truly believe without Amanda and hypnobirthing it would have been a totally different experience.”

“I knew since discovering I was expecting our first baby that I would like to try hypnobirthing, however, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was. When I first met Amanda I felt an instant connection and instinctively knew that completing the Wise Hippo course with her was the right choice. The course content delivered with Amanda’s caring nature has given my partner and I all the confidence we need to gently birth our baby at home without fear.”

Wise Hippo Courses

The Wise Hippo provides you with plain and straightforward tools for you and your partner to use, ensuring you have a calm and positive experience, whatever kind of birth you have.

Let’s take a look at the different Wise Hippo packages available: