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Convenient Continuity… Why Choose an Independent Midwife

Doctors surgeries, inconvenient times, rushing from work, waiting for an appointment that never seems to come, then feeling rushed, not listened to and sometimes like your just another number in a sea of other women?

These things simply DON’T HAPPEN in the world of Independent Midwifery!! It’s one of the many many reasons I chose care with Amanda.

From my very first contact with Amanda I felt listened to, understood and important. There was never a rush, agenda or urgency over our time together. Our ‘appointments’, if you can call a coffee and a chat with someone who is now more like family than our Midwife, were convenient, attentive and felt like ‘me time’.

Amanda worked her diary around my busy shift patterns, and if we needed to rearrange it was never a problem. We met in our own home, and it always felt like they were on our terms with no agenda or time constraints.

We grew to know each other over our 9 month journey and built a relationship of trust and understanding that allowed me to feel safe with the choices I was making and that I would also know who would be holding my hand as I welcomed our miracle earthside, another huge benefit of our care package.

Midwifery care is about being with women, advocacy, supporting choices and empowering through education. Independent Midwifery provides this and so much more; It provides relationship, trust, power, comfort, bravery, meeting you at your point of need.

So if your considering it, have questions, want to meet and discuss more than get in contact with Amanda and ask the questions.

Bailey Warner

Amanda gave me information I couldn’t find in books

“Amanda’s support throughout my pregnancies and birth was one of the best things I ever did. She entered my house a midwife and left a friend. After starting my pregnancy with NHS midwives I found myself lacking individual support. What a joy to have Amanda joining me in my home, sharing a cup of tea and cake, at a time that fit around work and no eye on the clock. It was fantastic being able to not mess work around with awkwardly timed appointments.

Amanda gave me the information I couldn’t find in the books I read, she answered my endless list of questions in an intelligent and intuitive way not only providing me with the facts I needed but efficiently unpicking my fears. In the space of a couple of weeks of meeting her, I realised that it was my birth experience and I had choices. With my first pregnancy I decided to try for a home birth, Amanda empowered me to labour comfortably at home knowing when to ignore me and give me space and when I needed her support and encouragement. My home birth unfortunately didn’t work out, I moved to hospital but having Amanda for the start with her vast professional experience made a potentially unsettling experience calm. Through Amanda’s support and care in my second pregnancy, I felt confident to try for a home birth for a second time this time finding myself with a perfect baby boy after a 40 minute completely drug-free labour. I thought that being in a hospital would offer me support, my two experiences couldn’t be more different. In hospital I found myself very much alone with a long walk to the loo, a newborn who I couldn’t leave and only the things we had guessed to pack in my bag (which my husband had left behind in the rush!). The professionals that I originally wanted to be around changed shifts so I didn’t see the same person more than once, the lack of continuity of care meant having to explain my situation every time I saw someone new. What I found with this kind of care was I couldn’t control my experience, I had to wait until it was convenient for someone to discard me. With my second birth three hours after starting my labour I was sat on my own sofa, with my baby in my arms eating a jacket potato my husband made me, being able to curl up in my own bed with my own shower and loo next door and my husband with me. I thought I would feel alone at home, far from it, Amanda round the corner but most essentially offering the continuity of care. Being able to text Amanda with a quick query, ‘is this ok, should I be worried?’, five minutes later fears allayed, cracking on as opposed several hours waiting round in hospital. Amanda’s breadth of professional knowledge and experience genuinely far outstripped anyone’s I met in hospital. I always knew the advice she gave me was the very best, she sees the whole picture from start to finish as opposed to NHS staff who see a snapshot of the whole experience. Amanda knew me and respected me, she was with me through the whole journey so we never had to waste time filling in facts. To have the same person supporting me before and after the birth was absolutely fantastic, I’ll never forget sitting with Amanda with my two children in a heat wave with our feet in a paddling pool!

In one of the books Amanda lent me, it said if you go into a nursing home and asked old ladies about their birth experience they remember it with clarity. The birth of your child is pretty much the most incredible thing that will happen to you, Amanda allowed me to own my experience replacing fear with control and joy. When I am an old lady I will remember my birth experience in a positive way and I will most definitely remember Amanda.”

Lucinda Warnes


Time to find my zone

“We were lucky enough to have Amanda Wardle, My Calm Birth, support us during pregnancy, throughout the birth and after our little girl was born. From the moment we met I knew I could trust Amanda, and I felt she immediately understood what was important to us. She took the time to get to know us as a couple and offered a calm presence both in person and over the phone.

For the labour it was important for me to stay in control and although I hadn’t predicted it, to be left alone! I found myself in my own zone and Amanda was respectful of me and my wishes throughout (even when my wish was for everyone to ‘shut up!’), offering reassurance and guidance when needed. I know that for both my mum and husband the experience was also completely magical, which wouldn’t have been possible if Amanda had not enabled us to create the calm birthing environment we wanted.

My little girl took a while to appear but at no point during labour did I sense anything being wrong. Had I been in hospital I am certain they would have intervened pretty quickly, taking my labour out of my hands. In the weeks after our little pudding joined us, Amanda offered advice and support for everything from feeding to looking after myself.

The whole experience has been fantastic for us and I know that the calm, positive and relaxed environment our little girl entered into has helped her be the most chilled baby around, content and happy with the world. We can’t thank Amanda enough and are already looking forward to having her with us for our future pregnancies!”

Elizabeth, Paul & Baby Grace

Support with absolute superb style!

“Amanda was the best thing that happened to me during my surrogate pregnancy. Gushy testimonial, I know… But when it comes to writing a testimonial about a midwife, if she’s really worth writing about, it can’t help be filled with lovey dovey stuff. I couldn’t have had anyone better to look after me. I gave her such a challenge too!

She not only had to support me, pregnant with a baby due to go back to her parents once born, but Amanda had to simultaneously support the mum and dad too. She did it all with absolute superb style. We all felt safe and nurtured. We felt extremely confident in her care. We felt like she had all the time we needed. Amanda truly gave 100% and more.

If you’re lucky enough to have Amanda in your birth space, to look after you ante/post-natally, you’ll no doubt be very happy you have. The baby is now 19 months old and we all still love her. I’ve met a lot of midwives over the years of having my own babies, but Amanda was (and still is) just the best”.

Jay Kelly

Support, encouragement and reassurance

Amanda was an amazing midwife, and without doubt contributed to my confidence in the pregnancy and birth experience. Her experience really shone through, and I was always confident that I was in safe hands. Amanda provided excellent support in both pregnancy and during the birth. In pregnancy, one of the things I remember most was her taking the time to talk about any issues or concerns around the pregnancy, whether about the physical, emotional or developmental aspects.

For instance, when thinking about decisions around taking maternity leave, Amanda discussed the importance of the period of pregnancy in the development of babies’ developing neural pathways, something I hadn’t considered previously. Amanda’s insights and knowledge seemed to extend far beyond NHS experiences, as was apparent when I shared information with other mums-to-be at antenatal groups. Amanda always provided really valuable information enabling myself and my partner to make informed decisions. I also felt that I could ask Amanda about anything, no matter how small – she was just a text or phone call away.

When my waters broke three weeks early, Amanda was very calm and supported my decision not to be induced, instead monitoring myself and baby. When I went into labour, Amanda was amazing – she provided the right amount of support, providing encouragement and reassurance, and I was totally confident in her approach – hands off to give privacy until necessary intervention was needed, and then open discussion and decision making. Unfortunately, after around 12 hours of labour, baby’s heart rate, my heart rate and temperature started to rise, and after examination, we made the decision to transfer to hospital where a C section was necessary. I feel totally confident that we went at the right time. Amanda accompanied myself and partner in the ambulance, which was incredibly reassuring, and then care was handed over professionally to the NHS. I know that the decision to transfer was the right one at the right time, and that we had done all we could at home. While the birth journey didn’t go as planned, throughout the whole time I knew that myself and baby were in safe hands with Amanda.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Amanda. If anyone would like to hear more or talk to myself or my partner, just email and we can arrange a time to chat, karina.croucher@gmail.com”

Karina & baby Charlie